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What are Azooka Fluors ?

Azooka fluorophores are a series of safe and high performance molecular dyes used to light up the building block of molecular biology such as DNA, RNA, Proteins, Chromosomes and live cells.

Where can I use Azooka Fluors ?

Azooka works with instruments in Molecular Biology labs. Some instruments can require one-time configurations setting changes or one time device calibration. 

COVID-19 Response

Azooka is working with the Indian Institute of Science and cCamp to build products to tackle COVID-19 in India and developing countries.


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 Molecular Biology

Azooka Fluor Series

  • tinto rang™ DNA- Alternative to SYBR® Green I  and EtBr
  • tinto rang™ RNA- Alternative to  SYBR® Green II
  • Kalam Fluor For Protein- Alternative to Coomassie brilliant blue
  • ANO For Cell- Alternative to DAPI and 7AED

Where to Use Azooka Fluors

  • The Nucleic acid gel stain series can be used in techniques agarose and polyacrylamide gels, high throughput capillary electrophoresis, PCR, RT-PCR and isothermal LAMP Assays
  • Azooka’s Ano is a live cell stain that can be used to stain cell lines, yeast and plant cells in fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry
  • Kalam fluor is an instant protein stain that replaces coomassie brilliant blue
  •  Jeev Chromosome staining and FISH

We Are Looking For Partners

License Our Technology In Your Country

Our Safe Fluors are patented in the US and Korea, and is patent-pending in India, China and Europe. 

Distributors and Manufacturers

We’re looking for distributors and manufacturers in the biotechnology industry who are well-connected across the SARCC and the APAC Countries.

Hospitals and Healthcare (COVID-19)

Are you looking for a Molecular Grade Transport Media for COVID-19 that is safe and convientent?

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