Molecular Transport Medium that inactivates the Corona virus immediately.

Not just that. Azooka’s RNA Wrapr does not require dry ice for storage and can be processed in a week. A storage medium for COVID-19 that is safe, easy to use and affordable. RNA Wrapr comes in 3ml in a 10ml vial with Flocculated Nylon Nasal Swabs.

Pricing of MTM

  1. 100 units- Rs 149
  2. 1000 units– Rs 149
  3. 2000 to 5000 units– Rs 99

    Here’s why RNA Wrapr is the best choice for mass surveillance of COVID-19

    Get MTM At The Price Of One Litre Of Petrol

    RNA Wrapr comes in amazing prices.

    Pack of 100-  INR 149 per Vial
    Pack of 1000- INR 149 per Vial
    Pack of 2000- 5000- INR 99 per Vial

    For bulk orders, contact

    Hassle-Free Storage

    Samples can be stored at Room temperature.

    No cold-storage for transportation.

    The sample can be processed after a week.

    Assured Quality

    RNA Wrapr is ICMR Approved  and CE Certified

    Safest Choice

    Inactivates the virus immediately

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the advantage of using RNA Wrapr for COVID-19 sample collection?

     RNA Wrapr is a Molecular Transport Medium for COVID-19 Sample Collection. Currently, the market offers Virus Transport Medium that requires the COVID-19 sample to be stored in cold-storage. RNA Wrapr does not require any cold-storage and can be processed after a week @ room temperature.

    Is RNA Wrapr Safer Than Viral Transport Mediums?

    Yes, RNA Wrapr is safer than VTM’s. It is a Molecular Transport Medium that inactivates the virus immediately after collection.

    What is the price of RNA Wrapr?

    Azooka has priced RNA Wrapr Molecular Transport Media aligned to Viral Transport Media. Cost per vial differs with the total units that you place. 

    1-1999 Units are priced at INR 149 per Vial
    2000-5000 Units are priced at INR 99 per Vial

    For orders above 5000, please mail us your request to to get amazing offers from us.

    Do I get Nasal Swabs with the Vials?

    Each vial of RNA Wrapr comes with a flocculated Nasal Swab.

    Where can I use RNA Wrapr?

    RNA Wrapr can be used for COVID-19 sample collection. RNA Wrapr is simple to transport and is apt for mass surveillance points like kiosks, airports and stations located at long distances from the testing centres.

    Where can I buy RNA Wrapr?

    All our products are available for purchase on Razorpay. You can order the RNA Wrapr and our other products by clicking here.

    All cards are accepted.  Refunds and Return Policy as listed on the shop

    How can I partner with Azooka for COVID- 19 Sample Collection? 

    Please mail us your proposal to

    I want to license Azooka’s Technology

    Azooka is open for partnerships all across the globe. If you’re a distributor, manufacturer or someone who wants to license our patents, please visit our support page, or reach out to us at

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