Why Compromise with “Less Toxic” Dyes? 


Azooka’s Flours Are The Safest Alternatives To The Age-Old Dyes In Molecular Biology. 

What’s in the Starter Pack?

Our Fluors are patented in the US and Korea, and is patent-pending in India, Japan, China and Europe

Superior Sensitivity and Compatible with all major devices, offering best results

A Starter Pack of Food-Grade Dyes for DNA, RNA, Protein and Cells

tinto rang™ for DNA

Alternative to SyBr Green I and EtBr

tinto rang™ for RNA

Alternative to SyBr Green II and EtBr

Kalam Fluor for Protein

Alternative to Coomassie Blue

ANO for Cell

Alternative to DAPI & 7AAD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Azooka Starter Pack?

All our products are available for purchase on Razorpay. You can order the Starter Pack and our other products by clicking here.

Where can I read more about Azooka Dyes?

 All products details are listed on  Razorpay. We also offer one-on-one video consultation for customers, distributors and manufacturers. You can download the product brochure and manual from our Support Page. 

For more details, call us at 9108424562 or mail us at  hello@azooka.life.

What are the variants available for sale?

The starter pack is available in two variants. You can either order the pack of all four dyes or you can order just one dye.

How are Azooka dyes the safer than the traditional dyes?

Azooka Fluors are the only 100% toxic-free in the market. Our formulation is not a derivative of the traditional dyes. Rather, it is a new library of fluors that are safe alternatives for experiments using live genetic material.

I want to license Azooka’s Technology

Azooka is open for partnerships all across the globe. If you’re a distributor, manufacturer or someone who wants to license our patents, please visit our support page, or reach out to us at hello@azooka.life.

Special Pricing

If you are purchasing for educational or research institutes, please reach out to us at hello@azooka.life to get amazing offers from us.

For bulk or custom orders, please mail us at hello@azooka.life that we can offer you the best price. Only orders above 2000 units are considered as  bulk order. 

All cards are accepted. Refunds and Return Policy as listed on the shop.


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