Co-create your kits with Azooka fluors 

Azooka is inviting partners to build your DNA, RNA, Protein, Chromosomal, and LIve Cell kits on Azooka Fluors. We are bringing the best in fluorescent technology so that you can build the next generation kits to disruptive change to your customers.

Partner Friendly Licenses

We are actively seeking partnerships and licensing to replace age-old dyes with 100% toxic-free dyes across the globe.

Free Bio-conjugation Assistance

Have trouble configuring your device to Azooka Fluors? Call us at 9108424562 or mail us to

Uncomplicated Pricing

Unlike the other marketplaces, our dyes are available at fixed prices. No time wasted on quotes anymore.

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Why Should You Collaborate With Us?

We take our collaborations seriously. Our team believes in creating reliable partnerships that everyone can grow together.

We have partnered with the We have partnered with the Department of Biochemistry, IISc, , Department of Nano Sciences and SID to develop the fluors. Our manufacturing unit is based in Peenya, Bangalore.

Why Being Independent Matters

Developed & Manufactured in India

Biotech’s next big hotspot India serves as point to manufacture dyes for the neighbouring countries without the hefty import tax. Currently the dyes are imported  across the World from Europe and USA.

Join The Fight

COVID-19 Dx Range Licenses

Are you looking for COVID-19 products to deploy in countries with low resources? Azooka has developed a Molecular Transport Medium that inactivates the virus immediately, and that does not require dry ice for storage or transport.

Say Bye To Toxic Relationships

Azooka Fluors RUO Kit Licenses

Azooka Fluors are a new library of fluors that replace toxic age-old dyes used for live cells. Traditional dyes like EtBr or the “Lesser Toxic” dyes like SyBr Green are carcinogenic.


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